The winner of the 5th edition of the Firenze Film Festival is “Cubeman” (Hungary 2017) by Linda Dombrovszky

On the busy night of Saturday 16th of June, the Hungarian film Cubeman, by Linda Dombrovszky, was awarded best film at the 5th edition of the Florence Short Film Festival. It all happened in Piazza de le Murate, on a stage surrounded by a delighted crowd.
The awards ceremony took place late at night, after a long, exciting day of cinema that followed two similarly eventful days.2018-06-16 - Rive Gauche - 2018 Firenze FilmCorti Festival-logofestival-123
During the day the last films competing were screened, films that, together with other events, interested and excited the large audience. We are talking about the gripping excursus on today and yesterday’s cinema by Silvana Silvestri (the editor of the Manifesto cultural supplement, Alias); the meeting meaningfully entitled “Is the actor a shaman?”, during which our guest Pietro Mossa told us about his experience as an actor and as a shaman; and the original “Cinema and speed dating”, a ‘blind date’ event between cinema producers, distributors, and professionals, who interviewed each other in turns. It was a prologue for the final awards ceremony, which ended with the acclaimed multimedia concert of Antonio Aiazzi, a member of the Italian band Litfiba.
2018-06-16 - Rive Gauche - 2018 Firenze FilmCorti Festival-logofestival-103
Here’s the list of the winners of the 5th Firenze FilmCorti Festival:
Best film: Cubeman (Hungary) by Linda Dombrovszky
Best documentary: Last days of the man of tomorrow (Lebanon) by Fadi Baki and Niklas Hlawatsch
Best director: Bacha Posh (Switzerland) by Katia Scarton-Kim
Best screenplay: No problem (Denmark) by Magnus Millang and Mads Rosenkrantz Grage
Critics’ award: Le Peit (France) by Lorenzo Bianchi
Audience award: The invisible Hand of Adam Smith (Slovenia) by Slobodan Maksimovic
Best actress: Marie Tragousti for the film What We Know (Germany)
Best actor: Bill Bob Thornton for the film Stand down
Best production: Clare Cahill, Mark McGann, Julie Eagleton for the film Perplexed music
Best photography: Almir Dikoli, Aljosa Korencan for the film The invisible Hand of Adam Smith (Slovenia)
Best editing: Thodoris Armaos for the film Màneki Nèko (Greece)
Best soundtrack: MiM for the film The noise of the light (Le Bruit de la Lumiere)
Special mentions:
The midpoint of a very long story (Turkey/France) by Ertug Tufekcioglu
Clothes (Bulgaria) by Vesselin Boydev
The boat (Russia) by Valerii Gaken
2018-06-16 - Rive Gauche - 2018 Firenze FilmCorti Festival-logofestival-113

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