Satellite event of the 5th Firenze FilmCorti Festival: Two nights in the suburbs.

ARENA CASTELLO, 374, via Reginaldo Giuliani, Florence on June 20th and 21st 

The compliments and the general approval that followed the three busy days of the 5th Firenze FilmCorti Festival international cinema kermesse held at Le Murate Progetti Arte Contemporanea have yet to end, such that the festival organisers – the general director Marino Demata and the arena_castello_tracciatoartistic director Enrico La Pera, a highly appreciated film director himself and winner of a previous edition of the Festival – have organised two film nights in the suburbs, in order to show 14 films from the Official Selection.
The event is going to take place on the 20th and the 21st June at 9.20 pm at the Arena Castello cinema in Reginaldo Giuliani street. Indeed, the Arena is going to start its summer film programme with a selection of the short films that were screened at the Festival.
This will be the first of many satellite events that will take the best of the 5th Firenze FilmCorti Festival (and also some films that won the previous editions) on a tour.
Here’s the list of the films that will be screened on these two nights:
Wednesday 20th June:
Clothes (Bulgaria) by Vesselin Boydev (Special mention) 23min.
Bacha Posh (Switzerland) by Katia Scarton-Kim (Best director) 20 min
L’albero rosso (Eire/Italy) by Paul Rowley (Official selection) 20 min.
Stand down (USA) by Tana Tynan (Best actor: Bill Bob Thornton) 7 min.
The washing line (Italy) by Claudio Cirri (Official selection) 15 min. (director present)
The basis of intimacy (Usa) by Victoria Spadaccini (Official selection) 4 min.
Una lettera (Italy) by Rosita Larocca (Out of the competition) min. 2
Thursday 21st June:
Le Peit (France) by Lorenzo Bianchi (Critics’ Award) 25 min.
La mano invisibile by Adam Smith (Slovenia) by Slobodan Maksimovic min. 16
Perplexed music (UK) by Mark McGann (Best production) min. 18
Cubeman (Hungary) by Linda Dombrovszky (Best film) min. 19
Eyes (Italy) by Maria Laura Moraci (Official selection) min. 13
Paura (Austria/Italy) by Daniel Andrew Wundered (Official selection) min. 27

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