5th Firenze Film Corti Festival – Notice for innovative and experimental films, cartoons and screenplays contest



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Competition notice
Art.1 – Following the great success of the main event of the 5th Firenze FilmCorti Festival (5th FFF), held on the 14th,15th and 16th of June 2018, the non-profit Association Rive Gauche-Festival, based in Florence, announces another three days of Festival/Competition dedicated to innovative and experimental short films, cartoons and screenplays.
Art. 2 – The three days of Festival/Competition will be held in Florence, at Le Murate Progetti Arte Contemporanea in Piazza Le Murate, according to the following schedule:
18th October 2018 at 3.00 pm: Screenplays
19th October 2018 at 9.30 am: Cartoons and other films for young people and for the schools
20th October 2018 at 3.00 pm: Innovative and experimental films
Art. 3 – Deadline. The films entering the competition/Festival must be submitted by the 20th September 2018. After that date they will not be taken into consideration.
Art. 4 – Film characteristics.
a) Screenplays: it is possible to submit both short and long screenplays, for short films or feature films. Every original screenplay for short films must not be longer than 30 pages, whereas screenplays for feature films must be longer than 30 pages.
b) Cartoons and films for young people and schools: the maximum duration for every film is 20 minutes, including the final credits.
c) Innovative and experimental films: these films are characterized by innovative contents and language. The maximum duration is 30 minutes, including the final credits.
Art. 5 – Language. Screenplays must be in English or in Italian. Cartoons and films for young people and schools, and innovative and experimental films can be in any language, but they have to be subtitled in Italian or in English, or they shall be considered invalid. English subtitles are obligatory for Italian films.
Art. 6 – Film submissions. The film can be sent by the applicants themselves. The films must be available online on Vimeo, or a link or other sites. It is possible to send the films through one of the numerous platforms cooperating with Firenze FilmCorti Festival (Film Freeway, Withoutabox, Movibeta, Click for Festival, Festhome, Reelport, Cinemabreve etc.). Films that cannot be viewed online will not be eligible for the competition. For further clarifications, please contact info@rivegauche-festival.eu
The applicant must send, together with the film, a brief summary describing the features of his/her work, as well as his/her CVE.
Art. 7 – Entry fee. For all the three sections the entry fee is 20.00 €. Payment method: bank transfer, addressed to Rive Gauche:
IBAN: IT41X0200802832000103193977 Cod BIC: UNCRITM1R02
In case the applicant choses to apply through one of the platforms previously mentioned, the entry fee might be stated on the site, and it will likely be in US $.
Art. 8 – All the material submitted will not be returned. It will be held in the archive of the Association, which will be responsible for the preservation of the material, and the processing of the personal data of the applicants. By signing up for the Festival, the applicant agrees that his/her films will be released and screened on the three days of the Festival, or on the following side or satellite events of the 5th Firenze FilmCorti Festival. All the material may be published or released for disclosure and advertising purposes on the Rive Gauche-Film and Critique blog (https://rivegauche-filmecritica.com), on the Festival website (https://atomic-temporary-141893875.wpcomstaging.com) and on the Association Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin pages.
Art. 9 – Official selection. The candidates selected by the jury of the Official Selection for the three sections, will be notified from the 20th to the 30th of September 2018, through mail or on the Blog (http://rivegauche-filmecritica.com), or on the Festival website, or on Rive Gauche-ArteCinema Network. The travel costs for attending the three days of the Official Selection, as well as the accommodation and living expenses, will not be refunded.
Art. 10 – The authors and producers admitted to the Official Selection must mention in their works their attendance of the 5th Firenze FilmCorti Festival, the section they have applied for and the prizes won, as well as the official logo of the Festival, the participation awards, and the awards they were nominated for.
Art. 11 – Awards. The award for best sceenplay, and for those that came second and third, will be the InkTip Package (the screenplay will be sent to the film production companies) and a personalised plate.
As for cartoons and innovative and experimental films, the first three winning films and cartoons will be awarded with a personalised plate and the Festival’s gold-plated medal.
Art. 12 – Jury. The jury will be presided over by the writer Maria Rosaria Perilli.
Art. 13 – The opinion of the jury, made up by experts, will be unquestionable.

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