EDINBURGH SHORT FILM FESTIVAL is partner of Firenze FilmCorti Festival. Here below Paul Bruce, Edinburgh Festival Director, who attended Festival in Florence, answers our questions:

Florence FilmCorti Festival:  – After having taken part in the 5th edition of our Festival, what are the aspects that have left a positive impression on you?

Paul Bruce – I was very impressed with Florence FilmCorti 2018, it was set in a lovely courtyard and the evening awards ceremony was very beautifully staged and looked extremely impressive. The city itself is very lovely and resembles Edinburgh in some respects particularly in the compact size of the city centre and the enthusiasm of the audiences for cinema!

2018-06-16 - Rive Gauche - 2018 Firenze FilmCorti Festival-logofestival-3

FFF- On the contrary, what are the aspects that you think should be improved?

PB – I think that the timetable could be improved, particularly with regard to the punctuality of events and perhaps holding the festival over more days and making each day shorter as I felt the days were too long.

FFF – Your Festival takes place on a few weekends. Why did you to choose this schedule? Don’t you think that there could be the risk of it being a bit dispersive? What led you to choose this rather unusual schedule?

PB – We like to hold our events over three weekends for various reasons, firstly because the audiences prefer to attend film events at the weekend – sometime Q and A and
discussion events can over-run and we also get visitors who travel from Glasgow (and other parts of Scotland) by train and if these events were held during the week, the train timetables mean they would not attend.
The same is true for guests and visiting film-makers, they prefer to attend at weekends, especially of they are flying from quite far. We have visitors this year from USA and China so we prefer that the film-makers have a better chance to attend their screenings.
Weekends also allow us to have workshops during the day and the screenings in the evening. If we held these during the week, there would be less attendance at the workshops.

2018-06-16 - Rive Gauche - 2018 Firenze FilmCorti Festival-logofestival-36

FFF -In your opinion, what are the most striking differences between your Festival and ours (referring in particular to the type of films selected for the Festival)?

PB-  I think the main differences are in the focus of the festivals. In Florence there is a lot of focus on audience engagement and discussion.  Audiences in Florence would be very keen on giving their opinions and discussing film and film issues.
In Edinburgh, audiences are more interested in viewing films and in accessing strong programmes and so our focus is on getting audiences to our events, on curating strong programmes and on networking after the screenings. Our audiences will engaage in Questions but this is only at the end of the screening. In general our days are much shorter as a result

2018-06-16 - Rive Gauche - 2018 Firenze FilmCorti Festival-logofestival-88

FFF -Did you note some differences between the type of audience in Edinburgh and Florence?

PB – Yes in discussion and giving opinions I think Florence audiences are very interested in this aspect of film exhibition. In Edinburgh
more emphasis is on viewing and networking after the screenings.
I think the audiences were very similar in terms of ages and background, there are a lot of students in both cities and also a fair number of older people who attend both our screenings.

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