Look back to the 8th Edinburgh Short Film Festival!

 From our partner Festival 

The Edinburgh Short Film Festival completed its 8th edition on November 10th 2018 screening one of the UK’s strongest short film programmes and we were delighted to have sold out 6 out of 8 of our screening nights and hosted a screening of some of the best Mexican Short Films of recent years, curated by the Mexican Film Institute as well as an evening curated by the Estonian Short Film Centre, of excellent Estonian animations, including work by Priit Pärn.
It’s also been a pleasure to work in partnership with Firenze FilmCorti this year and to screen one of their best shorts of 2018, The Invisible Hand of Adam Smith by Slobodan Maksimovic on our closing night on Saturday 10th November 2018 to a full cinema.
Our programme this year was stuffed full of superb dramas and comedies, including drama from China, Reunion Island and New Zealand, as well as fantasy ranging from Argentinian Sci-Fi to ghost stories from Guadeloupe and surreal animation from Columbia.
There was Lebanese, Hungarian and Turkish comedy along with UK and US drama, documentary from Afghanistan as well as a batch of the best Scottish short films from the 2018 crop.
The winner of our Best Film Award this year was Fauve by Jeremy Comte.  Intense and emotionally involving coming-of-age drama from Canada which impressed judges with it’s incredible emotional power. Best Animation was Wicked Girl by Turkish animator Ayce Kartal, the film is a convincing and horrifyingly imaginative depiction of the world inside the mind of a 8 year old girl, both grotesque and engrossing and a hugely creative use of 2D animation.
Best Scottish Short Film this year was won by Blue Christmas by Charlotte Wells, set in 1968 in a small town in Scotland, a debt collector goes to work to avoid confronting his wife’s worsening psychosis at home. An Intense, psychological drama, making great use of period 1960’s production aesthetics. Blue Christmas impressed with its confident direction and exceptional performances.

We held Q and A’s with visiting film festival directors and film-makers, we also held workshops on time-lapse photography, held our award ceremony, our annual closing night party, featuring live music, visiting guests, a drinks reception and a chance to meet visiting film-makers and producers!

We’re very much looking forward to working with Firenze FilmCorti again for 2019, as one of our valued international film festival partners and looking forward to presenting a programme of our 2018 highlights in Florence in 2019, as well as presenting some of FilmCorti’s favourite films at our event in 2019!

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