6° FFF Sessione autunnale – L’angolo degli Autori: Lorenzo Breschi

(Riprendiamo, anche per la sessione autunnale, L’angolo degli Autori. Ogni iscritto al 6° Firenze FilmCorti Festival, per qualsiasi categoria, ha a disposizione uno spazio sul sito del Festival e su tutti i siti social collegati per far conoscere le caratteristiche della propria opera attraverso foto, trailer, descrizione, ecc. Indipendentemente dalla eventuale ammissione o meno alle finali).

Opera per la sezione “Film innovativi o sperimentali”:
24h of foosball – Trailer / 24 ore di bigliardino – trailer
24 ore di biliardino 2020 – Trailer

24h ban


“The students of the Scuola Normale Superiore have developed a simulator of the real world in order to do experiments without going out of their dorm rooms. The mathematicians are dissatisfied with the limitations posed by the physics simulator, so 24 h1they decide to withdraw their code from the project to make a simulator of mathematics that would keep its purity intact. The physicists, unable to go on without the math engine, decide to steal their code, being forced by imminent deadlines. Will the physicists succeed in their foul ends? WIll the mathematicians manage to counter them? Who will win the 24h?”

This short movie was made on the occasion of the annual competition of foosball organized every year by the students of the Scuola Normale Superiore, known as “24 ore di biliardino” [24h of foosball].

During the competition the Mathematicians clash against the Physicists (aka Non-mathematicians) in a fierce battle to the last goal. 24h3

We report here the main rules:

  • The match does not end when a team scores 6 goals, but continues for a total duration of 24 hours

  • Teams can change their pair of players every time the total number of goals scored is a multiple of 10

  • The rule: “goals are canceled if there was a girl passing by” does not apply

More information on the official site (in Italian): https://uz.sns.it/24ore


The Scuola Normale Superiore or its professors have no affiliation with this short movie or the “24 ore” (even if some of them join the competition).

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