7° FFCF – L’angolo degli Autori – “Modern Art”

Based on the writings of the late art critic Peter Fuller and adapted by his son, MODERN ART intertwines a life-long battle beetwen four leaders of the art world, escaleting to a crescendo that reveals the purpose of beauty and the preciousness of life.

Modern Art Script Trailer from Laurence Fuller on Vimeo.

“Art, I believe; help thou mine unbelief”

As Peter Fuller, one of the most controversial art critics of all time, prepares for fatherhood by going through psychoanalysis to overcome his demons, escaping the shadow of his evangelical father. The art world of the 70s and 80s was moving so fast with the advent of modern technology, Peter and his childhood friend Michael are forging a name for themselves, the two develop a friendship with the Revolutionary art critic John Berger, which changed the course of all their lives and sent ripples throughout the art world which are still being felt today. Peter’s life was tragically cut short by a car crash in 1990, but his spirit lives on and his son survived the crash to tell the tale.

Laurence Fuller


Laurence Fuller was raised between England and Australia, trained at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, after graduating he went into London’s West End theatre, including his critically acclaimed performance in Madness In Valencia. Fuller’s first film he wrote and starred in; the Australian ABC Network feature Possession(s) opposite Max Cullen and Asher Keddie. In 2012 Fuller moved to Los Angeles where he was tapped as a finalist in the Heath Ledger Scholarship and starred in Pureflix’s Apostle Peter and The Last Supper opposite Oscar Nominated actor Robert Loggia, which was one of the bestselling Christian films of that year (catch it on Netflix). In 2016/17 his performances as lead actor in Mother & Brother and feature Road To The Well are collecting recognition, awards and reviews on the international film festival circuit. Project in post-production include; the supporting role of John Williams in The Maestro opposite Xander Berkley, series regular role of Lucy Davis’ husband in pilot Kick and the lead role of Irish painter Ciaran in feature film Paint It Red opposite Oscar Nominated actress Sally Kirkland and Jack McGee.


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