7° FFCF – L’angolo degli Autori –”La Giostra di Nina”

La giostra di Nina

A short film by Valerio Berruti
Italy / 2019 / 11’ /

Screening Format: DCP, Prores

Image (Aspect Ratio): 1:85

Frame Rate: 25 fs

Format: Colour

Sound: Stereo 24 bit, 48 kHZ

Nina is a little girl forced to work at the merry-go-round of her treacherous grandfather. Geppo is an adult boy with a childish soul. The desire for freedom flies as high as the carousel’s birds do…


Nina is a little girl forced to work at the merry-go-round of her treacherous grandfather. Geppo is an adult boy with a childish soul who creates chaos in the village among the customers of the carousel.
Hints of provincialism, resignation and fear of differences are transformed into a great desire for freedom. The carousel is actually made of flying birds…


The Carousel links my line to the animation by sequencing about 3000 drawings so as to make them become frames of a video.
Music, the only sound element in this short film without words, is a key essential element. I decided to involve Ludovico Einaudi from the very first phase of the project: it is up to him to play with the carousel’s speed, to combine movement and harmony and to underline the animation highlights.
Our project, however, goes far beyond cinemas. To draw the frames that make the animation I designed a real carousel, with a 7-meter diameter, and I personally shaped the birds that create it, by sculpting and frescoing every detail. The carousel is at the center of an exhibition, curated by Arturo Galansino, in the beautiful medieval church of San Domenico di Alba. The solo exhibition, apart from showing an absolute preview of the birds carousel, also displays all preparatory drawings, frescoes, photographs of the backstage.
For this occasion, Gallucci Editore published a book entitled “La storia di Nina” (“Nina’s Story”), which features a critical text by Arturo Galansino, an essay by Roberto Pisoni, a text by Francesca Priori and the original soundtrack handwritten by Ludovico Einaudi.

Valerio Berruti – Director


Valerio Berruti is an renowned Italian artist, known for his essential images inspired by the suspended world of childhood, a moment in life when everything has yet to happen. Berruti uses different techniques, from fresco to sculpture to drawings, and his works have been presented all over the world, from Keumsan Gallery in Seoul to Centre Pompidou in Paris and Venice Biennale, from Belgrade to Tokyo, Milan, Beijing, Singapore and Johannesburg. Combining his paintings together in sequence he creates hand-crafted animation. The Carousel, his latest work, began with the building of a real-size merry-go-round for the occasion of his solo retrospective in the city of Alba, which counted more than 50.000 visitors.

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