7° FFCF – L’angolo degli Autori –”To Her”

To Her
Dir Jacopo Ardolino

Runtime 13 min (original)
Sound Mix Stereo
Color Color (4K)
Aspect Ratio 2.39 : 1 (widescreen)
Camera Red Epic (Main Camera)
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Release Date: 2 December 2019 (USA) See more »
Filming Locations: Milano, Italy

Orpheus lives in the memory of a past love from which he cannot free himself.
His empty eyes make him unable to see love again but meeting a painter will give him the courage to embark on a journey into his own hell to definitively erase the shadow of Eurydice.

To Her_3.45.2
To Her_1.12.1

Notes on the director:

“To Her” is a love story freely inspired by the myth of “Orpheus and Eurydice” by Virgil.
The male protagonist, like the Orpheus of the epic poem, lives in the memory of a love that is now over.
His Eurydice is a shadow of the past from which he cannot free himself.
In the myth of Virgil, Orpheus suffers from the death of Eurydice and decides to enter the realm of the dead to bring Eurydice back to life but at the end of the tunnel that separates the earth from hell, Orpheus loses his Eurydice a second time because he disobeys the command of the god of the dead Hades: “never turn to look Eurydice in the eye before both of you have come out of the tunnel”.
My experimental short film tells the story of Orpheus and Eurydice in an opposite way to the myth of Virgil.
If Orpheus was blind, how could Eurydice look again? What if Orpheus had purposely turned in the tunnel of hell to make Eurydice disappear?
Orpheus does not want to find his Eurydice to bring it back to life, he wants to make it disappear from his mind because it is a memory that persecutes him and makes him unable to look at love again, it is no coincidence that Orpheus in the short film is blind because the his sight is linked to love.
For Orpheus love is a feeling that belongs to the past and this emptiness in the present makes his eyes white like a canvas on which to paint.
For me art is the only tool to be able to look at love again, in fact Orpheus meets a woman painter who falls in love with him and decides to paint his eyes
to give him the ability to look at love again. Only when Orpheus is able to see love again can he travel to his hell, in his unconscious to get rid of Eurydice and erase it forever from his mind.
Many people live in the past, in their traumas, in their finished loves, in their abandonments and sometimes they are idealized images that torment and make them unable to be sensitive to the new, to the present. To Her wants in its small way to represent precisely this state of mind and how art, in all its categories, can be the medicine that heals from the past, the tool that makes you sensitive to what can be beautiful around us even if not we see it because we look back instead of looking forward.


Iacopo Ardolino Director

Jacopo Ardolino is an Italian director, born in 1986.
After moving to Rome he graduated in Literature and Philosophy at the University of “Roma Tre”. Also in Rome he also graduated as a technician of the film industry at the State Institute of Cinematography “Roberto Rossellini”.
In 2019 he founded Morcego Films, a video production company based in Milan.
He currently lives and works in Milan as a director of music videos and independent film projects.

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