7° FFCF – L’angolo degli Autori –”The Shell”

The Shell

script by  Hakan Ünal


Trapped in an oppressing and domineering relationship with her mother, middle-aged painter Zeynep is confronted with the first signs of her existential decaying.



‘How free we are if there are limits’
The Shell is a raw but fairly realistic portrait of a woman at the end of her tether without the courage to save herself. I have always been sensitive to women’s issues and equality, and I have been particularly interested in exploring decaying of family relationships in modern
social life. Dealing with this subject in my script seemed very righteous thing because this so true issue even day today. I was inspired by images that had been imprinted on my mind and
events that I experienced in Turkey, watching and observing women in my family and the women around me living on the sidelines. I want to make a film to depict a female character
that is very much in real.
Thousands of women around the world still live in similar situations like what Zeynep lives,
unable to find their own voice and gradually becoming invisible. I therefore hope that the film will speak to them, make them sink into Zeynep’s reality and experience her inner world and her deep emotional silence.

photo of the screenwriter

Hakan Ünal writer/director

Independent filmmaker Hakan Ünal is a native of Turkey and has worked for past 8 years as a writer/director. After graduating the university, filmmaking became the overpowering passion in his life. He wrote short stories. His debut short film ‘Orange’ participated in over 30 festivals and won 15 awards. His second short film project entitled ‘Crack in the Wall’ was selected to Cinephilia Shorts Lab in 2017. The same project won first place at the 13th Cyprus International Film Festival. Crack in the Wall made its world premiere at the 15th Reykjavik International Film Festival and participated more than 20 festivals. Ünal was selected to the Reykjavik Talents in 2018. His third short film project entitled ‘Rabbit Still Hiding’ was selected to the 6th Drama Pitching Forum at the 42nd Drama International Film Festival and to the Undeveloped Global Short Lab Pitching Forum at the 10th Oaxaca International Film Festival. He is currently working on his feature debut ‘Metamorphosis’ which is short listed at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2019.

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