7° FFCF – L’angolo degli Autori –”Deaf Love”

Deaf Love
Michele Bertini Malgarini
Comedy, Romance
Italiano, Lingua dei segni (Eng Sub)
The Piranesi Experience
ENS, Happy Casa Store, Apulia Film Commission, Mibac


Paolo is a young musician who has never had a successful career. He lives passively and his life is dull and repetitive, performing for social dances and during games for people over sixty.
After an accident ended his dream of becoming a conductor, Paolo basically lives his life playing in the duo-band “Du de pic” with his buddy Ivo, hoping that something extraordinary will happen which will radically change his existence and finally give him satisfaction in life. He desires love more than anything else and is without doubt a romantic dreamer.
Paolo’s everyday life has been interrupted by Claudia: a girl with whom he has a virtual relationship made of tenderness, understanding, sympathy, a plenty of communication. They have never seen each other and Paolo is dying to meet her but he is afraid to ask her for a date.
The fear of rejection paralyzes him. His friend Ivo organizes a meeting between the two.
After a long hesitation, Claudia accepts the proposal and invites him to the island where she lives. Upon his arrival Paolo unexpectedly discovers that Claudia is deaf from birth, and that all her family and the inhabitants of the island are deaf as well.
Claudia, as all the people of her community, grew up in a safe bubble and her father, the head of the community, is grumpy, but sweet at the same time, and is particularly protective towards his daughters.
Claudia is a frail creature, but despite everything she is a rebel ready to break the mould. Her desire of knowledge, love and freedom, in spite of the rules of her community, she will manage to include Paolo in her little world. Paolo, on his part will overcome his difficulties and will find a different way to communicate through the power of music and love, his feelings for Claudia to everyone.


Director’s Note

The world of the hearing impaired is unknown and fascinating, rich in narrative potential not yet developed by the Italian cinema. A world in which the purely verbal manifestation is contrasted with a complex visual language, characterized by the communicative power of signs.
A language made of lips to be interpreted, body movements and glances.
In this short film, we measured ourselves with numerous language codes on different levels, trying to make this evocative and mysterious universe, unknown to many, as real as possible.
Thanks to the patronage of ENS, the National Institute for the Protection and Assistance of the Deaf, we have collaborated in the making of this short film, signing up participants who belong to this reality and in order to fully understand the communicative dynamics, the protagonists were trained by LIS tutor teachers. The director’s style approach in this comedy has been anti-rhetorical with the use of light, delicate and self-ironic undertones.
The short film “DEAF LOVE ” aims to continue the process of integration between non hearing impaired and hearing impaired people.
We tried to do this by narrating a simple story which aims to unite two apparently distant but incredibly close worlds.


Michele Bertini Malgarini

After being graduated in Art History cum laude, he started to take his first steps in the world of cinema as Luca Guadagnino’s assistant, supporting him on the set.
In 2013 he directed The Geekerz, a web series produced by Multiplayer and which was presented at the Roma Fiction Fest. In the 2014 he created the web series L’Amore ai tempi del Precariato and he wonthe Solinas Award. The first season was produced by Rai Fiction. In 2016, he won the Roma Web Festival, with the pilot of Romolo and Giuly. 2018 is the year of the successful series Romolo + Giuly: the Italian world war, produced with Wildside and Fox.

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