8° FFF – L’angolo degli Autori –”FOR SALE”

Time seems to stand still for a village hidden in the mountains up until a colourful couple in search of a second-hand TV set disturbs its silence. Once in the home of Mr Levi, the only apparent habitant, the two lovers, Luca and Carla, reveal their true intentions. But why is the town so very, very quiet?


My greatest pleasure, as an Italian filmmaker, is trying to promote the beauties of my country worldwide, especially our most hidden gems. That said, I’ve always been deeply fascinated by rural Italian retreats; places where the effect of the modernity didn’t affect so drastically the lifestyle and the rhythm of living. Such hidden gem is a village in Abruzzo, called Tremonti. It is where my family used to take me every summer when I was a child. It is also where my grandparents grew up and fell in love. Back in those days, there were around 800 people living there with many shops and activities. Currently, there are only 17 people living in Tremonti all year long and only one coffee bar open during the weekends.


Personally, I love the tranquillity and the mountains surrounding Tremonti, they offer a magical and surreal aura. In my grandparents’ house, there is something very fascinating and particular: a small door in the kitchen that gives access to a very spooky basement filled with dangerous tools and a hidden well. I wasn’t allowed to go there as a child so my family made sure to tantalise me with tales of monsters that lived there at night. Needless to say, I grew up terrorised by the basement!

Living in London for most of the year, I find Tremonti a wonderful place to escape anytime I visit Italy even for a few days. I find it therapeutic and peaceful. For a long while, I had the idea of filming something there despite the challenges that this would bring. So I was constantly looking for scripts and when I finally found “For Sale” written by Ben J. Tucker, I immediately thought that it was the perfect one! It had the vibe and energy that I was looking for: fun, scary and with great characters! The conditions in which we filmed were indeed not ideal, but I was extremely lucky to have onboard the best cast and crew that I could wish for! They were so committed and motivated that I can only be thankful for all the support I received from everyone and without it, this film would still be just an idea.



Francesco is an Italian Award-winning Director and Producer based in London, founder of the London-based production company Thespian Films Ltd.

With a career spanning over a decade, he directed and produced several films that have been selected and awarded in numerous international film festivals. Among them, his first feature-length film, “Blue Hollywood” had its premiere at the BT Tower in London as the closing night film of the British Urban Film Festival and it was screened in numerous festivals in Canada, Italy, Sweden, Bulgaria, Germany, China, Russia and the USA receiving several awards and achieving international distribution. His short film “Italian Miracle” played at over 40 festivals worldwide, including the Oscar & BAFTA Qualifying LA-Shorts Fest.

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