8° FFF – L’angolo degli Autori –”PUT A PRICE ON EMOTION”

Lennon is a young, charismatic and full of hope artist, who wants to gain fame at all costs.

He forms a band with his girlfriend (Veronica) and a bunch of friends (Alan and Ismael) and manages to sign a distribution contract with Jessica, who secretly has an affair with Lennon. But things go wrong very quickly, when Lennon, being under the influence of cocaine and jealousy, almost kills a man (Eitan) when he sees Veronica flirting with him. Lennon has to deal with a depressive state of mind and his father, after covering up the affair, suggests that he move to another city. The protagonist moves to New York in search of a new identity but demons of the past find him and Lennon must return to it in order to make amends before it is too late.

Put a Price on Emotion’s inspiration came from my love for art, music and cinema. Above all, from the desire to tell my story through the events of the main character Lennon Harris. I wanted to give a message of hope to all the Icarus in the world who have fallen or suffered. My wish is to tell them that you can always be a better person and make your dreams come true.


Inspired by his father who told him stories about fantastic and mythological worlds- Giuseppe’s love for writing spawned from a need to continue to live those enchanted worlds and to let others know them. In 2004 he graduated from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan in Foreign Languages and Literatures. He obtained a scholarship that allowed him to participate in the Erasmus project and spend a year in Spain. He currently works as a Customer Success Specialist at an American multinational. He attended several screenwriting and directing courses and in 2020 he composed and wrote his first screenplay, Put A Price On Emotion.

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