Giovedi 29 Ottobre – 7th Festival Online

In una sinestesia di musica classica, morte e sesso, Adriano trova l’amore in un momento di dolore.

I Resign
A simple, forthright engineer travels from India to United States chasing the American Dream.

It’s Me
Maria is a larger-than-life “mean girl” who believes she can do or say whatever she wants, whenever she wants, to whomever she wants.

Il terzo atto
A man torn between past and present, between what was and what could have been. A man like many others who at a crossroads made his choice, but did he take the right path? And will time have been able to soothe the wounds left by a sought after, but unfulfilled life?

La Giostra di Nina
The Carousel links my line to the animation by sequencing about 3000 drawings so as to make them become frames of a video.

Lisa ha quindici anni e vive con la madre in periferia in Islanda. È diversa dalle ragazze della sua età, ma non ha raggiunto la pubertà. È isolata e ha un grande segreto su se stessa.

Delitto Naturale
When Aida’s best friend, Lola, goes missing from class, Aida sets out to find her and discovers parts of their school that are better left undisturbed…

Luce, I Resign, It’s me, Il terzo atto, La Giostra di Nina, Xy, Delitto Naturale.

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