Mercoledì 28 Ottobre – 7th Festival Online

Noriko Yuasa

Coming Back Sunny

Shiori Sotomura (17) cannot distinguish between red and green color due to her congenital achromatopsia. Both appear a little light brown and are difficult to identify. Everything looks brown in her eyes. With the frustration of not being able to feel the same color as normal person, she became unconsciously cynical about her high school life.

Shiori and her best friend Yumi Koto (17) goes to the downtown area. They’ve been invited to a karaoke party held by their classmate. Shiori is not good at places with many people. Busy streets of the downtown is depressing. A city with a lot of colors, red and green…. it always makes her unwell.

​Yumi then picks up something, a faded petal. It was actually a bleached petal. Fascinated with the rare petal, Yumi takes a single photo. In that split second, the petal blinked and blight “red” jumped into Shiori’s eyes.

What happened? Why did it shine into red for a moment? Shiori pursues for more petals as if she is pulled by fate or the emotion “love”. Countless bleached petals scattered on the ground and rivers pulsate with red, just like a heartbeat. While puzzled, shiori runs, chases the petals.

Shiori then discovers her “real red”.

Is “real red” really “real fate” for Shiori?

This is a parallel love story that depicts the theme delicately and shockingly.

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