Martedì 27 Ottobre – 7th Festival Online –

WONG King Fai

Umbrella Dance For Hong Kong

The story is concerning the revolution history from Hong Kong was took over by Mainland China in 1997, The Umbrella Revolution in 2014, to the Water Revolution nowadays. The structure of the film is consist of three parts. In the first part, Mui discovered the umbrella, which was the symbol of HongKonger’s identity. In the second part, we could see Mui dancing with umbrella surrounded by evil power. And she was defeated by the unequal force. In the third part, Mui waked up to fight for freedom with her umbrella. Even though the evil force is full-gear and well equipped, Mui was not afraid. She was not sure whether the success would be come. But she never give up. She is brave. And the story of fighting for freedom is going on…

Staement of Director

In the summer of 2019, I am thinking how to show the aesthetics and courage of HongKongers to the world? The umbrella is a perfect icon.

First of all, Mui’s Dance is a Fusion of East and West, which is the charateristic of Hong Kong. Secondly, the oil paper umbrella was made by Taiwan, instead of China. Both Hong Kong and Taiwan would like to Preserve the Traditional arts and yo protect the truth history. Thirdly, The Umbrella is the symbolic meaning of freedom and democracy. Expecially the umbrella is used against tear gas or bullet in the ordinary life. Another symbol in the film is the snow, while Hong Kong is a city with no snowing. Snowing in june is a traditional metaphor represented the great grievance amonf people because of social injustice. The visual experiment is creating a space beetween real and unreal, but also in between documentary and dance film. In fact, the choreography was designed in 1995. But the background was the real and up-to-date movement. I am thinking about how to connect the city’s memories and the feeling in the moment nowadays.

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